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Wood must be one of the most ancient natural resources of mankind. This has helped us to keep us safe, comfortable and warm for millions of years. But the trees graced our beautiful blue planet long before our ancestors twinkle in the eyes of the universe.

We have been using wood for so long that most of us no longer see it. This is part of the cultural landscape. But in the same way the starry night sky impresses with its eternal vastness, looking at a tree with fresh eyes, turning its wonderful nature back: huge, powerful plants whose origin lie way to the depths of geological time, some of which live literally for thousands of years. Below are some of the wood facts that you didn’t know about it:


  • A tree consists of a combination of living, dying and dead cells.
  • Trees never die of old age – trees are killed only by elements that are beyond their control, including insects, diseases and humans. That’s why sometimes, if they are really lucky, the tree can live more than 1000 years.
  • When you think about a wooden house and a metal house, you can assume that the wooden house will be warmer. But how much warmer? Well, the tree is 400 times warmer than steel! This is due to the fact that wood is an effective natural insulator with significant thermal properties. This helps keep the heat of the day and release it at night. Ideal for building houses!
  • The heaviest American wood is Holywood Lignum Vitae. Its average weight/density/specific gravity is 1.31. It is native to south Florida.

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