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An accident is an unplanned, usually undesirable event that is not the result of human action. The phrase “accident” indicates that no one is to blame, although the occurrence might have been caused by not identified or handled dangers. Most researchers who investigate unintentional injury avoid using the term “accident” and instead concentrate on variables that raise the likelihood of severe damage and those that minimize the incidence and severity of injury. For example, a tree’s fall during a windstorm may not have been caused by people, but the tree’s kind, size, health, position, or bad care may have all had a role. Although most car accidents are not real accidents, English speakers began using the term in the mid-twentieth century as a result of media manipulation by the automobile industry in the United States.

Vehicle crashes are seldom caused by chance; instead, they are frequently caused by avoidable factors such as drunk driving and driving too quickly. The US National Automobile Chamber of Commerce advocated the use of the word “accident” to describe car accidents in the mid-twentieth century as a means to make vehicle-related fatalities and injuries appear like an inescapable matter of fate rather than an issue that could be solved. The automotive business did this by creating tailored pieces for publications that used the industry’s favored language as a free service. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has requested the media and the general public not to use the word “accident” to describe automobile crashes since 1994.


The most prevalent causes of fatal injuries include poisonings, car crashes, and falls. Falls, poisoning, and fire/burn injuries are the most prevalent causes of mortality, according to a 2005 assessment of injuries experienced at home, which used data from the National Vital Statistics System of the United States National Center for Health Statistics.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission administers the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which gathers statistically accurate injury data (sampled from 100 hospitals). In 2000, the program was updated to encompass all injuries rather than simply those involving products. The National Health Interview Survey also collects information on emergency room visits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States has detailed statistics on workplace accidents available on their website.

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