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Studying the Bible is very important in the lives of Christians. Studying the Bible is necessary for us to understand God spiritually. Without studying the Bible, we will not really understand the love of God. So how are we going to study the Bible?

First, we must understand to study the Bible properly. We must rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is a spiritual book containing hidden wisdom. To understand spiritual wisdom, we must study the Bible with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The natural mind cannot understand the Bible. We cannot use natural wisdom to interpret the Bible. When we study the Bible, we must allow the spirit of God to guide us in all the truth.

There are many in the world today who believe they understand the Bible. However, they interpret the Bible on the basis of natural wisdom. However, studying the Bible with natural wisdom will not benefit us. We need to release spiritual wisdom from the word of God. To do this, we must listen to the spirit of God. Today there are many different denominations in Christianity. Many of these denominations stem from improper Bible study.


The Bible also tells us that we must rightly divide the word of truth in studying the Bible. How do we divide the word of God? We divide the word of God by keywords. To study the Bible properly, we must participate in the study of keywords. To do this, we look for certain words in the bible passages. We then use a concordance to find this word in other scriptures. We then study the verses with the keywords they contain. It helps us to see what God is really trying to tell us. We must study the word of God with the dictionary of God. This means that we cannot define the words of the Bible on the basis of our natural wisdom. We need to look at the scriptures to see how God defines certain words. For example, a careful study of the Bible will reveal to us that fire in the Bible represents the Holy Spirit. Therefore, when we see the word fire in the Bible, we know that it is defined as the holy spirit many times. We cannot define fire as what we naturally know. The same applies to many words in the Bible. With careful study of the Bible, we also realize that stealing also means climbing other than by faith in Jesus.

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