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Although many electric musical instruments are very popular today, traditional instruments are still played and enjoyed by thousands. Playing the drums can be very relaxing, and when you get a good rhythm, you will find that you are lost in the music. Bongo drums are very popular because of the strange but attractive sound they create.

You can find bongos in many different sizes, and each one will create a different sound. These drums are often confused with other styles, but they stand out because they are attached to each other.

The bongo drum is originally from Cuba and has been played all over the world for many years, the drums themselves are single head open-ended drums which are attached in the middle. The smaller of the two is often called the female, and the larger the male and they are called hembra and macho. These drums are played by hand and are placed between the player’s legs or on the floor. The resulting sound is due to the vibrations of the membrane stretched over the drum. Cubans loved to play these drums and found them relaxing, then turned into faster-paced dance music.


Bongo drums are traditionally made from wood and are held together with a metal rod although some modern bongos are made from metal, the sound is not as good. The skin across the top of the drum is made from animal skin or often nowadays from synthetic material. The skin is placed on the bongo, then stretched and adjusted until it fits perfectly. It is then nailed to hold it in place and ensure that it does not come off. Some bongos have specially designed tuning lugs to allow you to tighten the skin.

Playing the bongo drums is very easy, and you can get different sounds depending on the strength you use. You have to play them by hitting the skin with your palm and fingers to create amazing music. Some musicians like to use sticks with bongo drums, and this creates a completely different sound. Some pieces of music require both styles, and you will love the variety of music you can play. Learning to play them correctly will take time, and if you train often, you will enjoy learning new music.

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