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The concept of allowing the ability to freely distribute and alter intellectual property in exchange for the same rights being retained in derivative works developed from that property is known as copyleft. Copyleft in the form of licenses can be used to keep copyright terms for a variety of works, including software, documents, art, scientific discoveries, and even patents.

In contrast to permissive free software licenses, copyleft software licenses are considered protective or reciprocal, requiring that information required for replicating and changing the work be made available to receivers of the software program, or binaries. This information is most generally seen in source code files, which typically include a copy of the licensing terms as well as acknowledgement of the work’s creators.


The GNU General Public License (GPL), which was originally written by Richard Stallman and was the first software copyleft license to see widespread use, and the Creative Commons share-alike license condition, which is a copyleft license intended for other forms of intellectual property such as documents and pictures, are two notable copyleft licenses.

In June 1976, Li-Chen Wang’s Palo Alto Tiny BASIC distribution notice “@COPYLEFT ALL WRONGS RESERVED” used the term copyleft for the first time. Tiny BASIC was not provided under any formal copyleft license, but it was presented in an environment where source code was exchanged and modified. Before building his own BASIC interpreter, Wang had made improvements to Tiny BASIC Extended. As with Roger Rauskolb’s version of PATB published in Interface Age, he invited others to change his source code and publish their adaptations.

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