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A sign is an object, characteristic, event, or entity whose existence or occurrence suggests that something else is likely to be present or happening. A natural sign has a causal relationship with the item it represents”for example, thunder is a sign of a storm, and medical symptoms are a sign of sickness. A traditional sign denotes agreement in the same way as a full stop denotes the conclusion of a sentence; similarly, words and expressions in a language, as well as body movements, can be viewed as signs conveying specific meanings.

Written text, symbols, photographs, or a mix of these are used to inform or teach the physical items most usually referred to as signs (notices, traffic signs, etc., together known as signage).

Semiotics is the philosophical study of signs and symbols, and it includes semiosis, which is the study of how signs (in the semiotic sense) work.

Semiotics, epistemology, logic, and language philosophy all deal with the nature of signals, what they are, and how they indicate. Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas are credited for defining the nature of signs, symbols, and significations, as well as their definitions, components, and kinds. Significance, according to these traditional texts, is a relationship between two types of things: signals and the kinds of things they indicate (intend, express, or mean), where one phrase always causes another to come to mind.


The classical theory of signs (Augustine) divides items into three categories to distinguish natural and conventional signals: There are signs that are always signs (the entities of the mind as ideas and pictures, thoughts and feelings, structures and intents), and there are signs that must receive their signification (as linguistic entities and cultural symbols).

Natural signals are the source of signification, while the human mind is the agent through which signs denote naturally existing things like objects, states, characteristics, amounts, events, processes, or connections.

Human language and discourse, communication, philosophy, science, logic, mathematics, poetry, theology, and religion are just a few of the domains of human study and action in which understanding the nature of signs and symbols, as well as patterns of meaning, can be crucial.

Signs and symbols communicate/pass across/messages to the human mind without using words; they communicate/pass across/messages to the human mind through their graphic portrayal.

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