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The process of moving items from a source point to a predetermined destination is known as delivery. Roads and railroads on land, shipping routes on the sea, and airline networks in the air are the primary modes of transport for cargo.

Specialized networks, such as pipelines for liquid products, power grids for electrical power, and computer networks like the Internet or broadcast networks for electronic information, may be used to convey certain types of goods. Car transport is one type of subdivision; another is Autorack, which includes railroads transporting automobiles.

Delivery is a crucial part of commerce and trade, and it includes both transportation and distribution. Distribution refers to the overall process of distributing commodities, whereas logistics refers to the study of efficient systems for delivering and disposing of items and employees.

Distributors are companies that specialize in distributing commercial items from their source of manufacture or storage to their point of sale, whereas delivery services are companies that specialize in delivering goods to consumers. Commercial and private items are delivered through postal, courier, and relocation services.

The majority of consumer products are supplied from a place of production (such as a factory or farm) to a point of sale (such as retail stores or online vendors), where the customer purchases the item and is responsible for its transit to the point of consumption. For various types of commodities and forms of sale, there are many variants on this model.

Products purchased through a catalog or the Internet may be delivered to the consumer’s home or to an automated delivery booth straight from the manufacturer or warehouse. Without storage, small producers may transport their items straight to retail outlets.

Although many retail businesses erroneously advertise as factory outlets, certain manufacturers retain factory outlets that function as both places of storage and points of sale, offering items directly to consumers at wholesale pricing.

A contractor will usually provide buildingconstruction, landscaping, and similar products to the customer as part of another service. Some perishable or dangerous commodities are sent straight from the manufacturer to the user, such as radioisotopes used in medical imaging.

Fast food and other convenience items, such as pizza delivery, are frequently offered for home delivery. Supermarket items can sometimes be delivered to your house. A milk float is a tiny battery electric vehicle (BEV) that is intended exclusively for delivering fresh milk.

On the horizon of the internet era lies a new type of delivery: delivery by the crowd, e.g. crowd delivery. In this idea, the delivery of products to the destination is performed by someone who is not necessarily hired by the vendor. Private courier firms will occasionally transport consumer items on a regular basis for businesses such as E-commerce.

Several organizations began utilizing gig workers driving their own vehicles rather than regular employees driving corporate vehicles to transport groceries, meals, and other retail products in the 2010s and 2020s. Drivers often use a smartphone app to join up and get job assignments.

Arrangements range from separate producers and deliveries (like with Uber Eats), to in-house deliveries alone (as with Amazon Flex, but Amazon also employs outsourced delivery businesses in Amazon-branded cars), to a combination of the two (as with Amazon Flex) (such as Walmart Spark, which delivers both Walmart and third-party products).

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