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If you are looking to give your video a retro or vintage look, then using a film overlay can do wonders. Film overlays are an effect that is added on top of a video clip to give it the appearance of old film footage. This effect is becoming increasingly popular among digital content creators, especially those seeking to create a nostalgic feel in their videos. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about film overlays, including its use, creation, and software to use.

What is a Film Overlay?

A film overlay is essentially a transparent video file that is used to add visual effects to a video clip. This effect gives the appearance of an old movie, complete with light leaks, dust, scratches, and other imperfections found in old film footage. The overlay is usually added during post-production and is placed on top of the original video clip to create the desired look.

Uses of Film Overlays

A film overlay can be used to add character to a video clip in various ways. Here are a few ways in which filmmakers and content creators are using film overlays:

  • Creating a vintage or retro look: By adding film overlays, the video can take on a vintage look, giving the footage a unique quality.
  • Emulating old film footage: The incorporation of imperfections such as dust, scratches creates a look that looks like it has been sitting in a dusty film reel for years.
  • Showcasing emotion: When used correctly, the effect of overlay can help broadcast emotion visually, to the point where the viewer can sense a mood or feeling without actually being told.
  • Adding depth: Adding a film overlay to a video clip can add depth, making it look richer and more textured, especially when combined with other post-production techniques.

Creating Film Overlays

Creating a film overlay is a simple process and can be done using a video editing software or online tools. Some online tools that you can use include:


  • Canva: Canva has a range of overlays that you can use to enhance your videos or images. They also have a range of other editing tools and resources at your disposal.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo is another popular online tool that you can use to create film overlays. They have a range of film overlays that you can choose from and quickly edit to your desired look.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular video editing software that you can use to create film overlays. This software has many editing tools and allows you to create, modify, and customize your overlays.
  • Final Cut Pro X: Final Cut Pro X is another video editing software that you can use to create film overlays for your videos. Like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X has a range of editing tools that you can use to create your overlays.

When creating a film overlay, it’s best to consider the mood and tone you’re trying to create and create the overlay based on that. For instance, if you’re looking to create a spooky feel, you might incorporate a few leaks and scratches with an overall dark tint. If you’re trying to create a romantic feel, add soft dark brown tones and glowing leaks in places of brighter features.

Using Film Overlays

Using a film overlay is a simple yet effective process. Once you have created the overlay in your desired look, you can add them to your video using your preferred video editing software. Here is how you can add film overlays to your videos:

  1. Select the video clip that you want to add the film overlay.
  2. Drag and drop the film overlay into your video editing software.
  3. Resize the film overlay, match its frame rate to your original footage, and position the overlay where it suits you best.
  4. Adjust the opacity of the film overlay to your preferred level.
  5. Fine-tune the final composition of your video to check how the overlay blends with the original footage.
  6. Render and export your video.


Film overlays are a fantastic way to make your video footage look like an old movie clip. Whether you’re looking to create a retro or vintage vibe or add depth and emotion to a clip, a film overlay is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Remember to adjust the overlay to match the tone and mood you’re trying to create, and with practice, you will find out how film overlays add another level of storytelling to your videos.

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