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Gumbo is the official state cuisine of the United States state of Louisiana. Gumbo is made out of a strong-flavored stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener, and the “holy trinity” of celery, bell peppers, and onions, as well as other ingredients. Gumbo is frequently divided into categories based on the thickener employed, such as okra or filé powder (dried and ground sassafras leaves).

Okra or filé powder can be used in gumbo. In the historical New Orleans version, a French dark roux is used as the favoured technique. Many civilizations have contributed to the dish’s taste. Shellfish, dark roux, filé, or both are common ingredients in Creole gumbo. Tomatoes are common in Creole gumbo and New Orleans cuisine, however some gumbo makers feel tomatoes should not be used with okra. Cajun gumbo is often prepared with seafood or poultry and has a dark roux foundation. In both types of gumbo, sausage or ham is frequently included.

The vegetables are simmered down after the base is made, and then the meat is added. The meal is cooked for at least three hours, with the addition of seafood and seasonings at the end. After the pot has been taken off the heat, filé powder can be added if desired. Rice is served with gumbo in the customary way. The vegetarian gumbo z’herbes is simply a gumbo of slow-cooked greens, and it’s a third, lesser-known variant.


The meal incorporates African, French, Spanish, and Native American Choctaw ingredients and culinary techniques. Gumbo might be a derivative of the French meal bouillabaisse or a Choctaw stew, although all of these recipes are likely to have contributed to the original recipe. It was originally described in 1802, and by the second half of the nineteenth century, it had been featured in several cookbooks. In honour of Louisiana Senator Allen Ellender, the meal was introduced to the menu of the United States Senate dining room in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the dish gained popularity because to the fame of chef Paul Prudhomme.

Gumbo is a strongly seasoned stew made with a sauce or gravy and numerous different types of meat or seafood. Meat or seafood can be utilised in any combination. Chickenducksquirrel, or rabbit may be used in meat-based gumbo, sometimes adding oysters. Shrimpcrab meat, and oysters are commonly included in seafood-based gumbo. Andouille sausage is commonly used to provide “piquancy, substance, and an extra layer of flavour” to both meat and seafood gumbos. To avoid being too chewy, use a delicate andouille. Onions, parsley, bell pepper, and celery are used to season the majority of gumbos. In seafood gumbo, tomatoes are occasionally included, although few other vegetables are typically utilised.

Gumbo is frequently used as a metaphor for the diversity of cultures found in southern Louisiana. African, Native American, French, and Spanish culinary traditions are all combined in one meal. People from these cultures lived in very small communities with limited mobility in the 18th and 19th centuries. Cultures might blend and influence one another in this setting, resulting in new culinary and cultural traditions.

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