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The Hog Rider is a troop card in the popular mobile game Clash Royale. It is a unique troop that can quickly travel to the enemy’s tower and deal massive damage. The card is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial) and can be obtained from Chests or purchased from the Shop.


The Hog Rider is a melee troop that rides a hog. It targets only buildings and can bypass enemy troops. It has medium health and deals high damage with its hammer. The Hog Rider can be a very effective troop if used correctly. It is a common card and can be upgraded up to level 13.


The Hog Rider can be used in various strategies. Here are some tips and tricks to use the Hog Rider effectively:

  • Deploy the Hog Rider behind a tank troop to protect it from enemy fire.
  • Use the Hog Rider in combination with a spell card like Freeze or Zap to deal more damage to the enemy tower.
  • Place the Hog Rider at the bridge to quickly get to the enemy’s tower, but make sure to have some elixir left to defend against the enemy’s counter-attacks.
  • Use the Hog Rider to distract the enemy’s defense troops while your other troops attack the tower.
  • Pair the Hog Rider with a cycle deck to rapidly cycle back to the Hog Rider and deploy it multiple times.


As with any troop, the Hog Rider has its weaknesses. Here are some counter strategies that can be used against the Hog Rider:


  • Use cheap and fast troops like Skeletons or Goblins to distract the Hog Rider.
  • Deploy a building like Tombstone or Cannon to stop the Hog Rider’s momentum.
  • Use a spell card like Fireball or Poison to damage the Hog Rider and its supporting troops.
  • Use a high-damage troop like Mega Knight or Pekka to quickly take out the Hog Rider.

Final Thoughts

The Hog Rider can be a versatile and effective troop if used correctly. With its fast speed and ability to bypass enemy troops, it can quickly take down towers. However, it is important to have a balanced deck that can defend against enemy counter-attacks. The Hog Rider can be countered easily if not used effectively, but can also be devastating to enemy towers if used in the right circumstances.

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