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A region (point, line, or area) on the Earth’s surface or elsewhere is referred to as a location or place in geography. Place, on the other hand, frequently denotes an entity with an unclear boundary, relying more on human or social qualities of place identity and feeling of a place than on geometry.

A well-defined name for a location, settlement or populated area is probable, but a border that is not clearly defined changes depending on the context. For example, London has a legal border, although it is unlikely to be fully consistent with common use. A region within a city, such as London’s Covent Garden, nearly always has some uncertainty about its boundaries. In geography, the term “location” is preferred over “place.”

A displacement from another site is referred to as a relative location or circumstance. “3 miles northwest of Seattle” is one example.


A precise pairing of latitude and longitude in a Cartesian coordinate grid — for example, a Spherical coordinate system or an ellipsoid-based system like the World Geodetic System — or similar approaches are used to define an absolute position. For example, the coordinate system may be used to describe the location of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela as 9.80°N (latitude), 71.56°W. (longitude). However, there is only one method to do it. There are numerous other options.

Because even absolute positions are stated relative to something else, they are also relative places. Longitude, for example, is the number of degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian, which is a line drawn at random through Greenwich, England. Similarly, the number of degrees north or south of the Equator is known as latitude. A position stated in latitude and longitude is also a relative location since latitude and longitude are represented relative to these lines.

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