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Every project’s success is determined by the team that is working on it; no matter how skilled a project manager is, without a strong team behind them, the project will struggle and, in the worst-case scenario, fail. Knowing what makes a successful team member is a key skill that may determine a project manager’s career.

An effective team member is someone who can make the team better than the sum of its parts, whether through creative problem solving, having the interest and insight to assist with risk identification, or simply bringing a positive attitude and energy that rubs off on others.

If you’re not sure what makes someone an effective team member or how to tell if they are or aren’t, we’ve put together some pointers to help you improve your team-building skills.

Understanding What’s Expected Of Them

There is a significant difference between reading or hearing words and truly comprehending their meaning. An effective team member is someone who is committed to fully understanding their role, both what is written on the page and what is written between the lines. This saves a lot of time and energy in situations where communication is blamed for errors, such as when a design editor claims they shouldn’t have to check spellings on a poster’s headline before it goes to print because their remit only says, “Review the image.”


Willingness To Accept Feedback

Nobody is flawless, but few people want anybody to tell them that. Constructive criticism on areas where one may grow can be extremely beneficial to a person’s career. However many people choose to focus on the personal element or why their manager was incorrect. An effective team member welcomes input and actively seeks it out.

Embraces a Challenge

Everything is easier to do, and there is less tension in the comfort zone. Unfortunately, development and change force us out of our comfort zones and into sometimes far more difficult situations. A project manager requires someone who will put their hand up, lead by example, and accept any challenge that may arise.

Taking Responsibility

Passing the buck can sometimes feel like an office sport, and the main problem with it is that it never results in a solution. To get to the bottom of a problem, you need to know how it started in the first place, which is much easier to learn from the person who started it. As a result, assuming responsibility improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a project’s problem-solving and progress.

Comfortable With Collaboration

Being a member of a team entails cooperating with others. While not everyone needs to be best friends, excellent team players can put their personal concerns aside for the greater good of the enterprise.

Following Through On Commitments

When a team member says something will get done, you know it will get done if it is possible. Of course, issues and problems cannot be avoided, but it gives a project manager a great deal of relief to know that a team member can be counted on to give 100% to an assignment rather than looking for excuses or an easy way out.

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