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A missile is a self-propelled projectile, which can be guided towards the target. Missiles have different sizes, from the anti-tank missiles that can be launched by a single person to the enormous intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The missile (used for military purposes) is primarily a flying bomb that hits its target with incredible accuracy. Previously, the satellites were simply larger and more powerful versions of regular bullets; they followed a fairly regular trajectory to achieve their target, i.e. they did not have a system that could “guide” them. However, due to technological developments, there are currently special missile control systems that force them to “pursue” their chosen target until a strike is achieved.


The guidance systems consist mainly of three parts: navigation (to track the current location of missiles), guidance (for directing the missile to the target using navigational data and target information) and control (for executing guidance commands on the missile).

In accordance with the target profile of the targeting system can be divided into two types: Go-Onto-Location-in-Space (GOLIS) and Go-Onto-Target (GOT). Although GOLIS systems are usually limited to stationary or near-stationary targets, GOT systems are very effective in taking down both stationary and moving targets.

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