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A crossbow is a hand-held long-range weapon that uses an elastic launching mechanism made up of a bowlike assembly called a prod that is positioned horizontally on a primary frame called a tiller. Crossbows fire bolts or quarrels, which resemble arrow-like projectiles. Crossbowmen or arbalists are those who use crossbows for target practice (after the arbalest, a European crossbow variant used during the 12th century).

Crossbows use a locking mechanism to maintain the draw, limiting the shooter’s effort to only pulling the string into lo. Although crossbows and bows use the same launch principle, there is one key difference: a bowman must manually maintain the draw by pitching the bowstring with fingers, pulling it back with arm and back muscles, and then holding that same form in order to aim. This not only makes it possible for a crossbowman to withstand heavier draw weight, but also to hold for longer periods of time while exerting substantially less physical effort, perhaps leading to superior accuracy.

Crossbows have had a huge impact on East Asian and European combat. The oldest known crossbows were created in the first millennium BC, in ancient China no later than the seventh century BC, and in Greece (as the gastraphetes) no later than the first century AD. Each civilisation individually created the weapon.


Projectile warfare underwent a significant change as a result of the invention of the crossbow, as seen by the Qin’s wars of unification and subsequent Han operations against northern nomads and western nations.

Many names, including “crossbow,” were given to the medieval European crossbow; the majority of these titles came from the term “ballista,” an ancient Greek torsion siege machine that had a similar look but a distinct construction basis. For a very long time, the conventional bow and arrow had been a specialist weapon that needed a lot of practice, physical prowess, and knowledge to use well.

Because their archery skill-set was essentially trained and strengthened from an early age (similar to many cavalry-oriented cultures) and was impossible to replicate outside of a pre-established cultural tradition, which many cultures lacked, many cultures treated archers as a separate and superior warrior caste despite the fact that they were typically drawn from the common class. Contrarily, the crossbow was the first ranged weapon that was easy to use, affordable, and physically undemanding enough for large numbers of untrained conscript soldiers to use. As a result, almost any military organization could field a powerful force of crossbowmen for little money beyond the cost of the weapons themselves.

As weapons of battle, guns have essentially replaced bows and crossbows in contemporary times. Crossbows are still a common tool for hunting and competitive shooting activities, as well as for reasonably quiet shooting.

At least several bows from the shop can be converted into crossbows. By combining a stock-and-trigger mechanism with a bow, it is accomplished.

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