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Olaf is a fictional character from the Disney animated film Frozen, which was created by Walt Disney Animation Studios. In Frozen (2013), Olaf is originally introduced as an inanimate snowman made by Elsa and Anna as a kid. In the film, he emerges as an anthropomorphic character as Anna hunts for her wayward sister in the hopes of bringing summer back. Elsa recreates Olaf after unintentionally plunging Arendelle into a beautiful winter. Olaf aids Anna and Kristoff in their search for Elsa, accompanying them all the way back to the realm, where he stays a part of the sisters’ lives and returns in the 2019 film Frozen II. Josh Gad provides the character’s voice.

As an inanimate snowman, he makes his first appearance in Frozen during Anna and Elsa’s youth. Later, during the opening chorus of “Let It Go,” Olaf is accidentally rebuilt and, unbeknownst to Elsa, comes to life. Anna and Kristoff run into Olaf two days later while walking in a meadow. Anna’s first thought is to give Olaf the carrot nose he’s been missing. Before they continue on their journey, Olaf performs a brief song in which he fantasizes about what it would be like to be in the heat of summer, blissfully ignorant that he will melt. Anna and Kristoff are then led to Elsa’s ice palace by Olaf.

Olaf follows Anna and Kristoff to the trolls who reared Kristoff, seeking aid from Grand Pabbie in regards to the ice in Anna’s heart, after they are ejected by Marshmallow. The trolls attempt to marry Anna and Kristoff (“Fixer Upper”) there, and Olaf sings a phrase in the process.

The gang believes that a “True Love’s Kiss” would save Anna, so they return to Arendelle. Olaf becomes separated from the party on the journey, and does not reappear at the library until after Hans’ treachery, having slipped past the guards. Olaf consoles Anna by explaining the true meaning of love. They proceed to the fjord in search of Kristoff, but Olaf gets blown away.


When Elsa eventually dispels the perpetual winter and reclaims her throne, she sends him a snow cloud to stand exactly above him, allowing him to realize his goal of living in summer without melting. He then sneezes his carrot into Sven’s mouth after smelling a flower, but Sven returns it to him. He was last seen with Anna and Elsa in the palace courtyard, where Elsa improvised a skating rink.

Anna and Elsa organize a surprise celebration for their subjects when Christmas arrives in Arendelle. Olaf is especially eager to begin the celebrations, but when the time comes for the party to begin, all of the visitors depart after the Yule bell is rung in the castle courtyard. Anna and Elsa discover that their seclusion has robbed them of any personal Christmas customs, which Elsa feels responsible for. Olaf, on the other hand, enlists Sven to go around Arendelle and learn about all of the season’s traditions from the locals. Olaf returns to the castle after gathering enough information (including melting and reforming in Oaken’s sauna), however a mistake with overloading Kristoff’s sled separates the two, destroying the sled and all the holiday-related souvenirs in the process. Olaf sets off into the woods with only a fruitcake and is ambushed by ferocious wolves along the way. He narrowly avoids them, but the fruitcake is quickly taken by a hawk.

Olaf travels into the night, despondent at having failed Anna and Elsa, and decides it is best to remain lost. Meanwhile, Sven notifies Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa of Olaf’s encounter with the wolves, prompting a search team to locate the missing snowman. The royal sisters find the downhearted Olaf, who apologizes for failing in his task, after much searching.

Anna and Elsa confess that they came up with their own tradition: Olaf. Anna is shown to have created drawings of Olaf (and, on one occasion, a doll) and slipped them under Elsa’s door each Christmas as a reminder of their youth and love for each other throughout the years they were apart. The sisters then take Olaf and their subjects to a frozen lake under the northern lights, where they throw a holiday party and build an ice Christmas tree.

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