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Traveling on surfaces using roller skates is known as roller skating. It is a sport, a leisure activity, and a mode of transportation. Roller skating takes happen on streets, sidewalks, bike routes, and roller rinks and skate parks.

In the 18th century, roller skating became popular in the theatrical arts. Beginning in the 1880s, it grew in popularity. From the 1930s through the 1950s, roller skating was highly popular in the United States, and then again in the 1970s, when it was linked with disco music and roller discos. Inline outdoor roller skating became popular in the 1990s. Roller skating has a long history in the Black and LGBT communities.

Speed skating, roller hockey, roller derby, figure skating, and aggressive quad skating are all examples of sport roller skating.


Traditional roller skates, often known as quads or four wheels per skate, were used to speed skating. The first organized national tournament was held in 1938 at the Arena Gardens Roller Rink in Detroit, Michigan, formerly known as “Detroit’s Premier Sports Palace.” The Arena first opened its doors in 1935, just as roller skating gained popularity as a spectator sport.

Competitors from the mid-west states, particularly Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, dominated the sport early. By 1950, the East and West Coasts were effectively competing for national titles, thanks to rinks hiring speed skating instructors who prepared athletes. However, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati dominated the national championships in the early years.

Speed Skating

The speed skating season began in the fall and continued through the spring, leading up to a state tournament, while regulations for state and national events were developed. Due to the expansion of speed skating, the top three places in a state competition eventually qualified skaters for a regional tournament about 1947. The top three finishers in regional competitions advanced to a national competition. Skaters can compete as singles or as two-person or four-person (relay) teams.

Qualification at regional competitions might lead to a one-week training stint on the Olympic Training Center’s outdoor velodrome in Colorado Springs, CO. On inline skates, inline speed skating is a competitive non-contact sport. Indoor, track, and road racing are available and a variety of skater grades, allowing the entire family to compete.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is an oval-tracked team sport performed on roller skates. Initially, a branded product born on speed skating demonstrations, the sport saw a resurgence in the early 2000s as a grassroots, five-a-side activity dominated by women. The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and its open gender counterpart, the Men’s Roller Derby Association, define the rules and procedures for most roller derby leagues. However, some leagues play on a banked track, as the sport was first played in the 1930s.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is the act of propelling and gliding a person across an ice surface while wearing ice skates with metal blades. Skaters skate for a variety of purposes, including enjoyment, fitness, competitive sports, and transportation. Ice skating may be done both inside and outdoors on naturally frozen bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, canals, rivers, and artificial ice surfaces such as ice rinks, ice hockey rinks, and arenas.

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