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A photographer (from the Greek (phos) meaning “light” and (graphê) meaning “drawingwriting,” which combined indicate “drawing with light”) is someone who creates photographs.

An amateur photographer takes photographs for the joy of remembering events, locations, or people, with no intention of reselling the photographs.

A professional photographer is likely to shoot photos for a session fee and image purchase charge, as well as for an income, or for the presentation, selling, or usage of those images.

A professional photographer may be employed by a company, such as a newspaper, or hired to cover a specific event, such as a wedding or graduation, or to illustrate a commercial. Others, such as fine art photographers, work as freelancers, creating images first and then licensing or printing them for sale or exhibition.

Photographs are taken by certain employees, such as crime scene photographers, real estate brokers, journalists, and scientists, as part of their other jobs. Depending on the business environment, photographers who create moving rather than static images are referred to as cinematographers, videographers, or camera operators.

The term “professional” can also refer to the photographer’s preparation, such as academic education or apprenticeship in the development of photographic talents. Investing in continuous education through associations is typically a mark of a professional.


While there is no obligation for professional photographers to register, most cities and counties demand that they have a business license in order to function. If you’re photographing a wedding or a public event, most venues will need you to have commercial insurance. These products can be provided by photographers who run a professional company.

Photographers are classified according on the subjects they capture.

Landscape, still life, and portraiture are among the topics explored by some photographers. Sports photography, street photography, documentary photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, war photography, photojournalism, aviation photography, and commercial photography are among the themes that other photographers specialize in. The image’s use will be priced according to the sort of work commissioned.

Copyright protects the exclusive right of photographers to copy and use their work. Photographs are purchased by a variety of sectors for usage in publications and on products. Photographs used on magazine covers, television commercials, greeting cards or calendars, websites, or items and packaging were often acquired for this purpose, either directly from the photographer or through an agency representing the photographer.

A photographer sells the “license” or use of his or her image through a contract that specifies how often the photograph will be used, in what region it will be used (for example, the United States or the United Kingdom), and for which items.

This is sometimes referred to as an use charge to differentiate it from production fees (payment for the actual creation of a photograph or photographs). Each further usage of the image would require a separate contract and royalties.

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