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Eraser, also called rubber, is a very popular stationery used by students and office users around the world. It is used to remove pencil markings and sometimes pen markings too. Pen marks can be removed with a special type of eraser called an ink eraser. The eraser has rubber-like consistency and was initially white only. The first rubber were rectangular. However, with modern technology today, the production of erasers is possible in any color and shape. Most pencils have an eraser. Normal and general erasers are made of synthetic rubber, but special erasers may include materials such as plastic, vinyl, or gum like material.


These are more expensive than regular erasers. Synthetic soy-based gum is used in other regular erasers, which are inexpensive. Rubber is ideal for students and public use and is unique. These are very popular and of excellent quality.

The best part is that these rubbers are cheap and affordable by all. But the quality is great and surprisingly good. Completely removes traces of the pencil and leaves no traces. However, the quality of the paper and even the lead used are factors and determine the erasure of the quality.

Regardless of which eraser you use, if either eraser is cheaper or of poor quality, the page looks poor. For example, if the lead used is very hard and excessive pressure is applied, the paper will tear slightly and cannot be repaired with an eraser. You must make sure that no excessive pressure is applied, but erasing can damage the paper.

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