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Soap dates back 5,000 years and is still produced in the same way. Soaps are obtained by mixing plant oil or animal fat with alkaline (basic) substances. Modern soaps are made with coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil and olive oil.

Soaps are highly alkaline. They don’t lather well and combine with minerals in hard water, forming a stubborn, insoluble film (bathtub ring), which coats and dulls the hair. A small amount of soap is used in modern shampoos as thickeners or to give a pearl look. Modern synthetic detergents work much better than soaps.


Very durable, personal cleaning bars – aren’t soap, but synthetic detergents in the form of a bar. For some unknown reason, the soap should not list any ingredients on the product label.

Soap and water are the best cleansers. They remove visible impurities and other organic matter. For daily use, Rely on sanitizer when soap is not available.

What are the Benefits of Handmade Soap?

Handmade soap has a high content of glycerin content, which makes it naturally hydrating and beneficial for the skin. Glycerin is the primary humectant that usually extracts moisture from the environment deep into the skin when applied. It will keep your skin longer and hydrated longer.

Handmade soap is much softer on the skin due to the lack of synthetic substances in it. Handmade soaps typically have many traceable ingredient lists that allow consumers to evaluate product integrity better. Handmade means that it creates work for unemployed people.

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