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Super Sonic is a form that Sonic the Hedgehog, the beloved video game character, can take on after collecting all the seven Chaos Emeralds. This transformation makes Sonic faster, stronger and grants him various other abilities. Super Sonic is one of the most iconic representations of the franchise and is a notable aspect of many Sonic games.

History of Super Sonic

The Super Sonic form first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The transformation was initially just a cosmetic change, but as the games progressed, Super Sonic gained additional abilities. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, for instance, Super Sonic could perform the Insta-Shield move, which allowed him to perform a mid-air dash that could take down enemies. Since then, the Super Sonic form has become a standard feature in many Sonic games.

Appearance of Super Sonic

Super Sonic’s appearance is drastically different from Sonic’s standard appearance. His fur becomes a bright yellow, his eyes and quills turn red, and he gains a glowing aura that surrounds him. Additionally, his running speed and jumping abilities increase significantly.

Abilities of Super Sonic

Super Sonic’s abilities are a significant improvement over Sonic’s standard abilities. Once transformed, he becomes faster, and his jumping abilities are significantly enhanced. He can also break through obstacles and barriers that Sonic cannot break without the Super Sonic transformation.


Super Sonic’s most iconic ability is his ‘Ring Energy’ ability. When transformed, Super Sonic is invincible and protected by a golden energy shield that he can use to protect himself from hazards and enemies. This energy shield gets stronger as long as he has rings in his possession. If he runs out of rings, he transforms back to his standard form.

Transformation to Super Sonic

To transform into Super Sonic, Sonic must collect all the seven Chaos Emeralds. Once he has all the emeralds, he can activate the Super Sonic transformation by jumping into the air and performing a double-jump. This triggers a transformation sequence that turns Sonic into Super Sonic.

In some Sonic games, the transformation can be triggered automatically if Sonic has all the seven Chaos Emeralds, while in others, it requires key combinations, such as jumping twice while in mid-air.

Super Sonic is an iconic aspect of the Sonic franchise and is a favorite among many Sonic fans. The transformation has become a staple feature in many Sonic games and is a must-have for Sonic fans. Super Sonic’s abilities, appearance, and transformation sequences have set him apart as a unique and powerful character.

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