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Tron is a decentralised blockchain-based platform that seeks to create a free, worldwide digital content entertainment system using distributed storage technology and enables for easy and cost-effective digital content distribution.

Tron was created in September 2017 by the Tron Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation. It is led by CEO Justin Sun and has an in-house development team that comprises well-known technology veterans. This article delves into the Tron network, its inner workings, and the Tronix coin (TRX). 

Eliminate The Middle Man

Tron seeks to eliminate the middleman by utilising blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technologies to bridge the gap between content providers and content consumers. The end outcome is a lower total cost for the customer and better collection for the content provider via direct receipts, resulting in a win-win situation.

Consider Netflix, a digital entertainment business that provides on-demand material, as an example of a real-world application. The services are consolidated and controlled by a single body. To view a specific on-demand movie created by a group of emerging fans and hosted on the Netflix platform, one may need to subscribe to Netflix and pay a fee. Netflix takes a part of the subscription price for hosting the movie on its platform and pays the rest to the producers. The intermediary frequently takes the lion’s share.


Tron is a distributed, decentralised storage facility that replicates this business model on a public blockchain network, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Its blockchain-based network promises to cut out the intermediary, such as Netflix in the previous example, by allowing anybody to host digital entertainment material. To gain access to the material, the worldwide audience can pay the content providers directly.

Tron’s open, decentralised platform and distributed storage technologies also seek to address a major issue – the problem of a few number of strong businesses dominating the Internet and its content – by levelling the playing field.

The Future Potential Of Tron

Tron is a large-scale project with a number of possible milestones in the next years.

Exodus is the company’s current product, a free platform for peer-to-peer content sharing and storage. Exodus does not currently employ blockchain technology, instead opting for a web-based file system protocol that provides a distributed file system. The current phase is anticipated to last until December 2018.

The second phase, dubbed Odyssey, is set to launch in January 2019. Odyssey, which will make use of blockchain technology, will include monetary incentives to encourage content production and hosting on Tron.

Odyssey intends to base the incentives producers on a technique that will depend on user interaction and engagement with the material, rather than the usual methods of measuring clicks and views of the information being accessed. It may be tied to a “tipping” scheme – of how a reward depending on how good the user thought the material.

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