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If you find whales fascinating and the idea of a holiday involving whale watching appealing, here are a few facts about whales and whale watching holidays that you may find useful.

– Whales are typically divided into two categories – baleen or toothed. Baleen whales generally are more extensive and consume their food through a filtering system. By contrast, toothed whales chew their food before swallowing it.

– Despite some misconceptions the contrary, some male whales can be aggressive. These are typically toothed whales that may fight each other over females, and they have been known to attack small boats – although this is very rare and the reasons are not well understood. (And not something you need to worry about on whale watching tours.)

– The blue whale is not only the largest species of the whale, but it is also regarded as the largest animal on earth.

– Whales are air-breathing mammals that give birth to live young. Scientists believe that they are relatively near related to the hippopotamus and that the species may have started to diverge around 50 million years ago.

– The word whale is typically used to describe a range of large creatures; however, in a scientific sense, it is also used to include a variety of species called cetaceans, which includes things such as dolphins and porpoises. Some scientists point out that dolphins are, in fact, small whales.

– Different whale species tend to be found in different parts of the world at other times of the year. This is related to several things, such as migration patterns. It is worth researching if you are interested in going whale watching.


– Although it is entirely possible to study some whales from shore with a good pair of binoculars if you are planning a holiday, you may have somewhat more chance of seeing whales close-up if you are on a boat or ship of some kind.

– Whale watching holidays afloat may be an ideal way to encounter these incredible creatures, but keep in mind that being on a boat may require that you have practical and appropriate clothing with you.

– You may well wish to record some of the sights, sounds and experiences you’ll encounter on your camera. Keeping in mind that there may be watered around, it’s advisable to ensure that your camera is well secured to your person. It might also be a good idea to have water-resistant equipment.

– Whale watching tours are available in most corners of our planet, so if you’re a child of the sun, you may wish to choose a tour that is based in warmer waters!

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