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Worms is a series of artillery tactical video games created by Team17 in the United Kingdom. To become the last squad standing, small platoons of anthropomorphic worms battle it out across a changeable environment in these games. The games are known for their cartoony animation and heavy use of surrealism and slapstick comedy.

Andy Davidson created the game’s premise, and the Amiga gaming press compared it to a mix of Cannon Fodder and Lemmings. Scorched Earth (1991), Gorillas (1991), and Artillery Duel (1991) are examples of comparable turn-based artillery games utilizing projectile weapons (1983).

Worms games are turn-based artillery games that may be played in 2D or 3D. Each participant is in charge of a group of worms. Players take turns picking one of their worms throughout the game. They assault and kill the opponents’ worms using any tools and weapons, therefore winning the game. Worms may travel over the landscape in various methods, including walking and leaping, as well as employing special equipment like the “Bungee” and “Ninja Rope” to get access to regions that would otherwise be unreachable. Each turn is timed to ensure that participants do not stall the game by pondering or moving too much. In certain games, the time restriction may be changed.

Each time a game is played, over fifty weapons and tools may be accessible, and different combinations of weapons and tools may be kept into a “scheme” for easier selection in future games. Other scheme choices include the deployment of reinforcement crates, from which extra weapons may be gathered, and sudden death, in which the game is pushed to an end once a time restriction has passed. Objects like land mines and exploding barrels can be included in some scenarios.


The majority of weaponry generate explosions that alter the landscape and create circular holes. “Island” (terrain floating on a body of water) and “cave” are examples of playable terrains (cave with water at the bottom and terrain at both top and bottom of the screen that certain weapons such as “Air Strike” cannot go through; this type is not available in 3D versions due to camera restrictions). When a worm is hit with a weapon, the amount of damage done to it is deducted from the worm’s starting health. When all movement on the battlefield has halted, the damage done to the attacked worm or worms is displayed.

The Worms series is famous for the wide range of weaponry available. Weapons are added to each successive game, however several were deleted from the 3D versions for gameplay reasons. As a consequence, the 2D series now has 60 weapons, while the 3D series has 40.

The game’s weaponry include a conventional timed grenade and homing missiles, as well as exploding sheep and the very destructive Banana Bomb, all of which have appeared in every Worms game thus far. Weapons like the Holy Hand Grenade, the Priceless Ming Vase, and the Inflatable Scouser appeared in the Worms series.

Some of the strange weaponry in a game is based on current events when the game was released. The Mail Strike, for example, is a reference to the postal strikes of the period, with a flying mailbox dumping explosive envelopes, while the Mad Cow is a reference to the BSE outbreak of the 1990s. The French Nuclear Test from Worms 2 was upgraded to the Indian Nuclear Test in Worms Armageddon to stay up with the times.

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