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BT21 is a K-Pop phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. This popular IP project features a group of eight adorable characters, each created by members of the massively popular Korean boy band BTS. BT21 was officially launched in 2017 through a collaboration between LINE Friends, a subsidiary of the popular messaging app LINE, and BTS. It quickly became a global sensation, with merchandise selling out within minutes and fans clamoring for more content. In this article, we’ll explore the world of BT21 and everything you need to know about this K-Pop sensation.

The Characters

BT21 features eight unique characters, each representing a member of BTS. These characters are:

  • Tata, created by BTS member V, represents the character’s lively and curious spirit.
  • Chimmy, created by BTS member Jimin, represents the character’s playful and mischievous personality.
  • Cooky, created by BTS member Jungkook, represents the character’s determination and sweetness.
  • Koya, created by BTS member RM, represents the character’s wisdom and calm personality.
  • Mang, created by BTS member J-Hope, represents the character’s passion and free-spirited nature.
  • RJ, created by BTS member Jin, represents the character’s kind and gentle nature.
  • Shooky, created by BTS member Suga, represents the character’s no-nonsense attitude and mischievous streak.
  • Van, created by BTS as a group, represents the unity and teamwork of BTS and BT21.

Each character has a unique backstory and personality, making them incredibly popular with fans. Fans often have their favorite character they love and collect the memorabilia.

The Merchandise

BT21 merchandise is highly sought after by fans worldwide, with goods selling out within minutes of release. You’ll find a range of BT21 merchandise available for fans, from plushies and keychains to apparel and stationery. One of the most popular items is the Line Friends flagship store, which typically features exclusive merchandise only sold there, making each piece more unique and valuable.

The popularity of BT21 merchandise has led to collaborations with major brands. In 2019, BT21 collaborated with Converse to create a line of footwear and clothing. The collaboration broke records for Converse, selling out in just a few hours.


The Entertainment

BT21 has expanded beyond merchandise and features in entertainment. The characters often appear on BTS’s social media and YouTube channel, where they’re involved in light-hearted hijinks or interact with BTS members in different scenarios. This has created a vast and dedicated fanbase for BT21 globally.

In 2020, BT21 launched an animated web series, ‘BT21 Universe,’ available on YouTube. The series got fans invested in the characters’ lives, experiencing different plights they went through as they created and aimed to perform music for the first time. The show was massively successful and was renewed soon after its premiere.

The Concert Tour

In 2019, BT21 appeared in merchandise form at the BTS “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” stadium tour. The collaboration went beyond merchandise sales when BT21 had it’s own onstage segment during the group’s Seoul tour stop, giving fans a chance to witness the characters come to life for the first time. The BT21 characters performed “Magic Shop,” a song written by BTS member Suga. These performances boosted BT21’s popularity immensely and were well-received by Korean and international fans alike.

The Future of BT21

BT21’s future looks bright as partnerships with major brands and YouTube shows continue. In 2021, BT21 will become the official mascot for the airport rail line in Seoul, South Korea, in collaboration with the Government of Transportation. Fans can look forward to future merchandise releases, content, and music as BT21 continues to grow and take over the world.

BT21 is a phenomenon that has taken the music industry and entertainment world by storm. With its unique and lovable characters, BT21 has expanded far beyond merchandise to include shows, collaborations, and a universe that fans have fallen in love with. The future looks bright for BT21 as it continues to make records and become one of the most notable K-Pop phenomenons in history.

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