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Deal-of-the-day is an ecommerce business strategy in which a website sells a single product for 24 to 36 hours only. Customers may sign up to become members of deal-a-day websites and get online deals and invites via email or social media.

Deal-of-the-day websites have remained popular since 2011, despite growing concerns about the concept’s long-term viability and the financial feasibility of one-day discounts for small businesses.

Although was a modified version of earlier dot-com bubble sites such as uBid, the deal-of-the-day concept gained prominence with the introduction of in July 2004. The deal-of-the-day market had grown to over 100 deal-a-day sites by late 2006. Groupon joined the market in November 2008, becoming the second-fastest internet firm to attain a billion-dollar valuation.

Other internet firms, such as Facebook and Google, experimented with their daily deal sites before abandoning them. The emergence of social networks like Facebook and Myspace, on the other hand, has expedited the growth of daily deal sites by allowing popular bargains to spread virally.

The deal-of-the-day business concept allows merchants to sell discounted services or products directly to deal company consumers in exchange for a percentage of the retailer’s earnings. This helps companies to increase brand loyalty while also selling excess inventory fast.


The majority of deal-of-the-day websites collaborate directly with local businesses and online shops to provide discounts that are much lower than recommended retail pricing. A minimum and maximum number of offers are made accessible using a group buying formula. Typically, deal of the day sites divide items into categories based on designer sales. Discounts are generally only available for 24 hours, however daily deal websites are increasingly giving extended deal purchasing periods to boost sales and allow many deals to run in the same area at the same time.

Customers are frequently emailed explanations of deals as they go live, sometimes with imaginative or amusing descriptions. E-mail marketing experts and users have questioned the practice of sending these emails. However, research shows that this aggressive sales technique is effective. Some websites allow members to receive daily or weekly e-mails or be alerted of all current deals. Instead of buying directly from the store, customers purchase the offer on the deal-of-the-day website. Instead of the store, the websites keep the consumer data.

Customers’ credit cards are paid after the required number of offers have been sold, and the deal is sent as an electronic voucher redeemable at the merchant or service provider’s location. The promotional value of vouchers acquired through deal-of-the-day websites usually expires after a set length of time, but the initial amount paid remains unchanged.

Apparel, restaurants and bars, salons and spas, special events, health and fitness goods, and vacation packages are all common products and services marketed through deal-of-the-day websites.

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