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A fireman is a skilled rescuer who is primarily responsible for putting out dangerous fires that endanger people, property, and the environment, as well as rescuing humans and, in certain circumstances or areas, animals from perilous situations. The term “fireman” is sometimes used to refer to male firefighters.

The fire service, often known as the fire brigade or fire department in various countries, is one of the three primary emergency services. Firefighters have grown commonplace all around the world, from cities to ships.

Throughout a firefighter’s career, the abilities essential for safe operations are routinely practiced throughout training assessments. Local, regional, or state-approved fire academies or training courses are typically used to teach basic firefighting abilities. Additional skills and certifications, such as technical rescue and pre-hospital medicinemay be gained at this point, depending on the needs of a department.

Firefighters collaborate with other emergency response organizations such as the police and the ambulance service. The duty of a fireman may overlap with both. The cause of a fire is investigated by fire investigators or fire marshals. Their activities will overlap with law enforcement if the fire was caused by arson or carelessness. In certain systems, firefighters also provide some level of emergency medical assistance, such as qualifying and operating as full-time paramedics from enginetruck, and rescue companies to commence advanced life support until ambulance transport comes.


While fires can occasionally be contained to small portions of a structure, smokewater, and flaming embers can cause widespread damage. For approaching fire teams, shutting off utilities (such as gas and electricity) is usually a top priority. In order to obtain access to the structure, forced entrance may be necessary. When hazardous items are utilized or stored on a site, specific procedures and equipment are required.

Structure fires can be put out using “internal” or “external” resources, or both. Using the “two in, two out” method, interior firefighters can run fire hose lines inside the structure, locate the fire, and put it out with water. Water may be directed into windows and other openings, as well as against any surrounding fuels exposed to the original fire, by outside personnel. Interior fire attack teams may be harmed by hose streams directed into the interior through outside wall openings.

Buildings constructed of combustible materials, such as wood, vary from those built of nonflammable materials, such as concrete. A “fire-resistant” building is one that is meant to contain a fire to a small area or level. Smoke inhalation and damage can be avoided on other floors. Regardless of fire rating, all buildings suspected of or on fire must be evacuated.

Although certain firefighting procedures appear to be destructive, they frequently serve a specific purpose. For example, to evacuate smoke and hot gases from the interior of a structure, firefighters are obliged to either open holes in the roof or floors of the structure (vertical ventilation) or open windows and walls (horizontal ventilation). These kind of ventilation systems are also utilized to increase interior visibility so that victims may be found more quickly. Because it dissipates harmful gases from within the structure, ventilation helps to save the lives of confined or unconscious people. In the case of a flashover or backdraft, vertical ventilation is critical for firefighter safety. The threat of a backdraft is eliminated by releasing combustible gases through the roof, and the elimination of heat reduces the risk of a flashover. Due to the extreme heat (900″1200° Fahrenheit) and explosive nature of flashovers, fireman personnel are sometimes killed. Backdraft scenarios are revealed through precautionary tactics such as busting a window before the fireman enters the structure and is confronted with the danger head-on. The safety of firefighters takes first.

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