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A guide is someone who conducts visitors, athletes, or travellers through unknown or unfamiliar terrain. A person who guides people to more abstract aims such as knowledge or wisdom is sometimes referred to as a leader.

Explorers who ventured into regions unfamiliar to their own people in the past almost always employed guides. The United States Congress commissioned military explorers Lewis and Clark to explore the Pacific Northwest. They, in turn, engaged Sacagawea, a more competent Native American, to assist them. Wilfred Thesiger enlisted the help of guides in the deserts he visited, such as Kuri on his 1938 trip to the Tibesti Mountains.

Visitors are led around tourist attractions by tour guides who provide information on the ecological and cultural value of the sights. They frequently serve as interpreters for visitors who do not speak the native tongue. Human tour guides are occasionally replaced by automated technology such as audio tours. Tour operators frequently hire guides to conduct tourist groups.

Mountain guides are people who work in mountaineering; they are there to show the route and act as professional climbers with excellent knowledge of rock and snowcraft, which they pass on to the amateur while ensuring the climbing party’s safety. When Alpine climbing became popular in the mid-nineteenth century, this professional class of guides developed.


In Switzerland, the Swiss Alpine Club’s central committee releases a guides’ tariff that sets the fees for guides and porters; there are three sections: Valais and Vaudois Alps, Bernese Oberland, and Central and Eastern Switzerland.

A statue honouring Jacques Balmat, the first to climb Mont Blanc in 1786, has been erected in Chamonix, France. Christian Almer, Jakob and Melchior Anderegg, Klemens Bachleda, Auguste Balmat, Alexander Burgener, Armand Charlet, Michel Croz, François Devouassoud, Angelo Dibona, Andreas Heckmair, the Innerkofler family, Conrad Kain, Christian Klucker, and Matthias Zurbriggen are among the other notable European guides.

A wilderness guide guides paying groups through back country locations that may contain land, water bodies, and high country, but not to the degree that a mountain guide’s abilities are required. In the United States, wilderness guides are most historically and romantically linked with the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, where they first established the use of their talents as a widely respected and well-paid profession.

Wilderness guides are required to have a strong grasp of survival skills (such as building shelters, lighting fires, navigating, and administering first aid) as well as knowledge of the nature and history of the area they lead. Traditional handicrafts and culinary methods, fishing, hunting, bird observation, and nature conservation are all prevalent talents among guides.

Wilderness excursions are often conducted on foot, however aids such as skis and snowshoes, as well as modes of transportation such as canoes, kayaks, sledges, pack animals, and snowmobiles, are used when needed.

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