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Laser beam machining (LBM) is a machining technique that employs heat generated by a laser beam. This method removes material from metallic or nonmetallic surfaces using heat energy. Due to the impact of photons, a high frequency of monochromatic light will fall on the surface, causing heating, melting, and vaporization of the substance. Laser beam machining is best suited for brittle, low conductivity materials, although it may be utilized on a wide range of materials.

Glass may be machined using a laser beam without melting the surface. The laser changes the chemical structure of photosensitive glass, allowing it to be selectively etched. Photomachinable glass is another name for this type of glass. Photomachinable glass has the benefit of being able to generate accurate vertical walls, whereas native glass is appropriate for a wide range of biological applications, including substrates for genetic investigation.

Lasers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including gas, solid-state, and excimer.

He-Ne, Ar, and Carbon dioxide laser are some of the most often utilized gases.

Doping a rare element into various host materials is used to create solid-state lasers. Solid state lasers, unlike gas lasers, are optically pumped by flash lamps or arc lamps. One of the most common host materials in this type of laser is ruby. A ruby laser is a solid-state laser with a synthetic ruby crystal as the laser medium. Before being utilized as an active laser medium, the synthetic ruby rod is optically pumped with a xenon flashtube.


YAG stands for yttrium aluminum garnet crystals, which are utilized in solid-state lasers, whereas Nd:YAG stands for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystals, which are used as the laser mediate in solid-state lasers.

YAG lasers produce high-energy light waves with a short wavelength. Nd:glass is a neodymium”doped gain medium used in fiber lasers that is constructed of either silicate or phosphate minerals.

Lasers may be used for a variety of production operations, including welding, cladding, marking, surface treatment, drilling, and cutting. Precision machining of complicated parts is utilized in the car, shipbuilding, aircraftsteel, electronics, and medical sectors.

Laser welding has the benefit of being able to weld incompatible metals and welding at speeds up to 100 mm/s. Laser cladding is a technique for improving the surface quality of inexpensive or weak items by coating them with a stronger substance. Drilling and cutting using lasers has the benefit of causing little to no wear on the cutting tool because no contact is made.

Milling using a laser is a three-dimensional procedure that necessitates the use of two lasers yet significantly reduces machining expenses. Lasers can be used to alter a workpiece’s surface qualities.

Depending on the industry, laser beam machining is used in different ways. The equipment is used to engrave and drill other metals in light manufacturing. Laser beam machining is used in the electronics sector for wire stripping and circuit skiving. It’s employed in cosmetic surgery and hair removal in the medical field.

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