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Ford’s luxury car branch, Lincoln (formerly the Lincoln Motor Company), is a subsidiary of the American automaker Ford. Lincoln was positioned alongside its General Motors competitor Cadillac as one of the premier luxury automobile brands in the United States. With the 1940 Lincoln Continental, the division helped to establish the personal luxury car segment.

Henry M. Leland started the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917 and named it after Abraham Lincoln. The firm was purchased by Ford in February 1922, and it is still owned by Ford today. Following WWII, Ford established the Lincoln-Mercury Division, which paired Lincoln with its mid-range Mercury brand, which lasted until Mercury’s closure in 2010. Lincoln restored to its previous name, Lincoln Motor Company, at the end of 2012. Following the sale of Premier Automotive Group (JaguarLand RoverAston Martin, and Volvo) and the closure of Mercury, Lincoln is Ford Motor Company’s only luxury brand.

Continental began as a separate section above Lincoln until being absorbed into the company in 1959. The Continental-branded Mark series was marketed through Lincoln from 1969 through 1986, when it was renamed Lincoln. The Lincoln four-point star insignia is based on a badge that first appeared on the Continental Mark II in 1956; the current form debuted in 1980.

Lincoln’s current model lineup includes premium crossovers and sport utility vehicles. Lincoln has manufactured limousine and livery cars throughout its history, with numerous examples serving as official state limos for Presidents of the United States.

Lincoln sold 188,383 automobiles worldwide in 2017. Lincoln automobiles are officially sold throughout the Middle East (excluding Iran and Syria), China, and South Korea outside of North America.

Henry Leland and his son Wilfred formed the Lincoln Motor Company in August 1917. Leland was one of the founders of Cadillac, and he sold the firm to General Motors in 1909. He stayed on as an executive until 1917, when he departed due to a disagreement with GM President William Durant about war production.


Lincoln Motor Company was named after Abraham Lincoln by Leland, who stated that Lincoln was the first President for whom he ever voted (1864). The firm was funded by a $10 million deal with Liberty V12 aircraft engines for use during World War I ($202,000,000 in 2020 money). In Detroit, the Lelands broke ground on the Lincoln Motor Company Plant. The engines were final assembled by Lincoln Motor Company, using parts provided from various manufacturers; cylinders were made by Ford, with additional parts sourced from Buick, Cadillac, Marmon, and Packard.: 4 : 163″164

With manufacturing ending at the end of World War I, Lincoln Motor Company would have produced 6,500 Liberty V12 engines, employing 6,000 people.

Lincoln Motor Company was reformed as an automotive manufacturer on January 26, 1920, and its Detroit facility was retooled to build vehicles. Lincoln Motor Company built its first vehicle, the Lincoln Model L, on September 16, 1920.

The shift from military to car manufacture had been difficult for Lincoln, with some customers having to wait over a year from the time of purchase for their vehicles to be built. The firm was put in receivership in 1922, as it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

On February 4, 1922, Henry Ford acquired Lincoln Motor Company for $8 million ($123,689,861 in 2020 dollars) under the influence of Edsel Ford. While Lincoln was valued at $16 million, Ford was the only bidder for the firm, with a $5 million offer (forced to be increased by the court).

Ford Motor Company makes a purchase.
Following Ford Motor Firm’s purchase of Lincoln Motor Company, Henry and Wilfred Leland stayed at the company, with Edsel Ford granted control. While Ford wanted to extend its model range beyond the Ford Model T, the Lincoln purchase had personal significance, as the Lincoln owners built an automotive firm from one that Henry Ford had been pushed out of. A group of investors (headed by Leland) drove Henry Ford out of his second firm, the Henry Ford Company, in 1902; the company was renamed Cadillac (deriving its name from the founder of Detroit). The 1903 Ford Model A and the 1903 Cadillac Model A are essentially identical in design, with the exception of the engine.

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