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Large and important customers frequently engage with several companies in each professional discipline.

In legal matters, formal relationships between panels and informal providers often award “first place” or primary supplier status to one company and secondary status to others. Sometimes panel appointments actually put each supplier in a sort of “second place.”

There may not be a clear first-place holder at the moment – perhaps a group of second and third places. You can formally be a secondary service provider for a large customer – or maybe you’ve been one of the many for quite some time.

This may be because you don’t have the full range of services your customers need and want – or maybe they just don’t know you have them. Potentially, your secondary status stems from limitations in your ability to manage their entire workload or their reluctance to put all their eggs in one basket.

The second place puts you in a good position to improve yourself.


Invest in the relationship. Be prepared to really know the company, the key players, their business strategies, their challenges, and their risks. Value-added training, secondments, and in-depth relationship reviews are just three of the many areas of investment.

Promote your specialized expertise. Make sure the client knows what you are doing particularly well. Even if you’ve already talked to them about it, find new and interesting ways to communicate your specialized expertise in areas of current or future interest to them. Carefully tailored training workshops and targeted seminars are added values ​​that work.

Do the job well assigned to you. Even if you have high-value, specialized work, do any routine, unskilled work very well. You can really be capable of much more, but don’t expect to get it if you underperform on what is allocated to you.

Create a favorable economy for your customers. Transform your efficiency and reliability in producing work for your client into benefits for you and economic advantage for them.

Don’t be precious. Don’t worry about the job you don’t have. Do not be irritated by the primary provider. Be courteous to work alongside another competent company.

Know your limits. You may not have the big brand, the big size, the impressive pedigree, or the weight of the market that the customer wants to access. If you are a local business, consider a second meeting by a large national client as a great victory. If you are a small business, you may never be able to do more than a small slice of work for an important client. If you are a narrow specialist, stay in your area of expertise, and do not pursue work for which you are ill-equipped.

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