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Luigi is a fictional character that appears in Nintendo video games and associated media. Luigi is the younger fraternal twin brother and sidekick of Mario, Nintendo’s mascot, and was created by Japanese video game inventor Shigeru Miyamoto. Luigi may be found in a number of Mario games, frequently accompanied by his brother.

Luigi originally debuted in the 1983 Game & Watch game Mario Bros., where he is the second player’s character. He would reprise this position in a number of subsequent games, including Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. In Super Mario Bros. 2, he made his debut as a main character. Luigi’s role has become increasingly limited in recent appearances, such as the Mario Party and Mario Kart series; however, he has starred in Luigi’s Hammer Toss, Mario is Missing, Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Dr. Luigi, New Super Luigi U, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. He is called upon to perform as the hero in the majority of such games since Mario is in need of assistance. Luigi has also appeared in all three DiC TV programs based on NES and Super NES games.

Luigi started off as a palette swap of Mario with a green color scheme instead of red, but he’s grown into his own personality and flair. Luigi became a visually different figure as his role in the Mario series expanded, and he was made taller and slimmer than his brother. Through mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the character’s creation, Nintendo designated March 2013 to March 2014 as “The Year of Luigi.” As a result, Luigi was emphasized in games published in 2013. Luigi Bros., an unlocked Luigi-themed Mario Bros. game, was also included with Super Mario 3D World.


The events that led to the creation of Luigi began in 1982, during the production of Donkey Kong, when Shigeru Miyamoto developed Mario (then known as “Jumpman”) in the hopes of recasting the character in other roles in future games. Joust prompted Miyamoto to design a game featuring a simultaneous two-player option, which resulted in the creation of Mario Bros. in 1983. Luigi was assigned the role of Mario’s younger brother as the game’s second playable character. Luigi’s name is supposed to have been inspired by a pizza business called “Mario & Luigi’s” near Nintendo of America’s offices in Redmond, Washington. The Japanese term ruiji means “similar,” which explains the size, form, and gameplay similarities between Luigi and Mario.

While Miyamoto originally represented Mario as a carpenter in Donkey Kong, a coworker suggested that Mario and Luigi be modeled like Italian plumbers in Mario Bros. Luigi’s initial appearance was limited to a basic palette switch due to software limits at the time of the respective game’s creation. The characters were totally identical in terms of looks and gameplay, and Luigi’s green color scheme became one of his distinguishing physical qualities in following versions.

Luigi was introduced to a broader audience in 1985 with the debut of the console game Super Mario Bros., following the success of Mario Bros. His duty was limited to a palette change once more, and he could only be employed by the second player. The Japanese release of Super Mario Bros. 2 in 1986, subsequently renamed Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels in the west, marked the start of Luigi’s evolution into a more prominent character. Luigi’s mobility had changed; he could now jump higher and further than his sibling, but at the cost of movement reaction and accuracy.

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