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Max Mayfield is a fictional character on the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things. She is portrayed by the actress Sadie Sink and first appears in the second season of the show.

Character Background

Max Mayfield, also known as “Mad Max”, is a young girl who moves with her family to Hawkins, Indiana. She is introduced as a new student at the middle school and quickly catches the attention of the boys in the friend group, including Dustin, Lucas, and Mike.

Max brings a much-needed new perspective to the group, as she is not originally part of their small town and is not aware of the strange happenings that have occurred. She is a talented skateboarder and shows an interest in arcade games and punk rock music.

Max’s Role in the Plot

Max becomes an integral part of the story in season two, as the group begins to investigate the strange events happening in their town once again. She becomes a love interest for Lucas, causing tension between him and Dustin. Max’s stepbrother, Billy, is also introduced as an antagonist, bringing conflict to the group.


Throughout the season, Max helps the group to uncover the truth about the Upside Down and fight against the Mind Flayer. She proves to be a brave and intelligent member of the group, using her skills on the skateboard and quick thinking to help save the day.

Max’s Character Development

Max’s character develops throughout the show, as she begins to form close friendships with the boys and become more aware of the strange happenings in the town. She learns to stand up to her controlling stepbrother and becomes more confident in her own abilities.

In season three, Max continues to play an important role in the group and grows closer to Eleven. She helps the boys to solve the mystery of the Mind Flayer once again and shows bravery in the face of danger.

Max Mayfield is a beloved character on Stranger Things. Her introduction in season two brought a new perspective to the show and her character development throughout the series has been well-received by fans. Sadie Sink’s portrayal of Max has been praised for her talent and ability to bring the character to life.

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