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A voucher is a sort of redeemable transaction bond with a set monetary value that may only be used for particular purposes or on specific items. Housing, transport, and food coupons are just a few examples. The term voucher is also a synonym for receipt, and it is frequently used to refer to receipts that serve as proof of, for example, the statement that a service was done or that a purchase was completed. A voucher is a tourist guide that allows you to use services with the certainty of payment from the agency.

School vouchers, which are slightly different, are also referred to as “school vouchers.”

A voucher is an accounting document that represents an internal purpose to pay an external party, such as a vendor or service provider, for a certain amount. A voucher is often created after receiving a vendor invoice and successfully matching it to a purchase order. A voucher will include information such as the payee’s name, the payment amount, a summary of the transaction, and more.

A process known as a “payment run” is used in accounts payable systems to create payments matching to unpaid vouchers. At the discretion of an accounts payable supervisor or the corporate controller, these funds can be issued or held.

The word can also be applied to accounts receivable, where it is a document that represents the purpose to make an account adjustment, and to the general ledger, where accounts inside that ledger need to be adjusted; in that instance, it is referred to as a journal voucher.

A bill, invoice, receipt, salary and wages sheet, memorandum of association, counterfoil of paying-in slip, counterfoil of cheque book, or trust deed are all examples of vouchers that corroborate the entries recorded in the books of accounts and prove the mathematical accuracy of the transaction.


A voucher is a number that may be used to reload money onto a customer’s SIM card and prolong the card’s validity term. Vouchers are often offered at retail venues such as mobile operator or distributor-run phone shops, grocery stores, and fuel stations.

In several countries, such as Italy and Spain, where over 90% of customers use vouchers, and the United Kingdom, where over 60% of consumers buy vouchers at retail, vouchers are the most common method of recharging prepaid mobile phones. Customers in other countries, including as the United States, Ireland, and several Nordic nations, are increasingly embracing Card Not Present recharge methods like as online payments, calling the operator and charging with a representative (CSR), or using their IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

Prepaid mobile providers such as Meteor in Ireland and T-Mobile in the United States are increasingly giving the option of sending an SMS (text to pay) or using phone apps like WAP or BREW technology.

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