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Revolutionaries who intended to liberate Ukraine’s western areas from Austro-Hungarian control designed the first national flag in 1848. They chose the colors of the city of Lviv’s coat of arms for their flag, which consists of equal horizontal yellow stripes over blue.

In 1917, the contemporary yellow and blue bicolor was formed for the Ukrainian People’s Republic as a result of a revolution. When the Soviets invaded Ukraine in 1919, this independence was short-lived, and Ukraine became the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The flag was altered to a basic red flag with gold sans serif lettering ‘Y.C.C.P’ in the upper left corner.

The flag was modified three more times while under Soviet authority. After the Ukrainian SSR joined the UN in 1949, the flag was finally settled on a red field with an off-center gold hammer and sickle with a five-pointed star and a broad horizontal blue line in the lower half.


When the Soviet Empire fell apart in 1992, Ukraine’s present state flag was chosen. The Ukrainian People’s Republic’s yellow and blue bicolor was chosen. Many public structures have it hanging vertically as well.

Many social media users have shown their support for Ukraine as it fights back against Russia’s invasion, which began last week.

Overlaying a little Ukrainian flag on your Facebook profile photo is a popular method to express your support, and it’s quite simple to accomplish.

Protests against the military operation have taken place in towns and cities around the United Kingdom, including Leicester, as well as across Europe.

Since Russian soldiers entered Ukraine, more than 500,000 people have fled the nation.

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