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French toast is a breakfast meal comprised of sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs and milk, then cooked in a skillet. “Eggy bread,” “Bombay toast,” “gypsy toast,” and “poor knights” are some of the other titles and variations (of Windsor).

Before pan-frying, milk, sugarvanilla, or cinnamon are typically added, and then it is topped with sugar (often powdered sugar), butterfruit, or syrup if served as a sweet dish. When it’s a savory meal, it’s usually fried with a bit of salt or pepper, and then served with ketchup or mayonnaise as a condiment.

The Apicius, a compendium of Latin recipes dating from the first century CE, contains the oldest known reference to French toast, which is defined as simply aliter dulcia (“another sweet dish”). “Break fine white bread, crust removed, into quite large pieces that soak in milk, fried in oil, sprinkle with honey, and serve,” according to the recipe.

Arme Ritter (“poor knight”) is a moniker used in English and Nordic languages in a 14th-century German recipe. Taillevent also published a recipe for “tostées dorées” in the 14th century. Martino da Como, a 15th-century Italian culinary genius, provides a recipe.


Pain perdu (French: (About this soundlisten), “lost bread”) is the traditional French appellation, referring to the use of stale or otherwise “lost” bread, which gave rise to the metaphorical phrase “pain perdu” meaning sunk expenses. In Canada, it’s known as pain doré, or “golden bread.” There are recipes for pain perdu from the fourteenth century in English.

Pafese or pofese, from the Italian zuppa pavese, is an Austrian and Bavarian noun. The term “soup” in the dish’s name alludes to bread that has been soaked in a liquid, often known as a sop. Bundáskenyér is the name given to it in Hungary (lit. “coated bread”).

Bread slices are soaked or dipped in an egg mixture, which is frequently whipped with milk or cream. Sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla can all be included in the recipe. The bread is then fried till golden brown and cooked thoroughly in butter or olive oil. Day-old bread is frequently used, both because it is inexpensive and because it will absorb more egg mixture without falling apart.

Sugar or sweet toppings like as jam, honey, fruit, or maple syrup can be added to the baked slices.

The bread was dipped in milk alone, according to the Compleat Cook (1659) as reported in the OED, and the egg mixture was added later.

Alternatively, either before or after cooking, the bread might be soaked in wine, rosewater, or orange juice.

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