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Just Cause is a video game series developed by Avalanche Studios, which was previously owned by Eidos Interactive and is now owned by Square Enix Europe. Just Cause, Just Cause 2, Just Cause 3, and Just Cause 4 are the four films in the series. The games are set in an open world with a focus on islands and archipelagos. The player is tasked in each game in the series with overthrowing a governmental body in the game’s scenario. The series had sold over 15 million copies globally by June 2018.

The series’ title is a blatant reference to the real-life US invasion of Panama, code-named “Operation Just Cause.”

Each game in the series takes place on a fictional island nation somewhere in the real world, with the player taking on the role of Rico Rodriguez, a secret agent from the fictional nation of Medici (featured in the third game). Rico is capable of walking, swimming, leaping, and using weapons when on foot. Players may also control cars scattered around the world and execute feats on them. Players may also navigate about the map using Rico’s grappling hook, parachute, and wingsuit (from the third game onwards).

To advance through each game, the player must complete a variety of main and side objectives in order to earn points with various factions. When the player is not engaged in main or side objectives, they are free to explore the open world and cause havoc. However, doing so will raise the “heat” level, which rises in proportion to the amount of resistance the player puts up against the authorities, who try to stop him using lethal tactics.


A range of potential side tasks, such as freeing a community or taking over a drug cartel’s home, are available to the player. These missions are often repetitious in Just Cause, yet they are required to acquire points with specific groups. The side quests in Just Cause 2 grew more complicated and distinctive.

With a big, open world to move about in, the basic gameplay combines aspects of a third-person shooter with a driving game. The player’s character can walk, swim, and jump while on foot, as well as use weapons and basic hand-to-hand fighting. Cars, boats, aircraft, helicopters, and motorbikes are among the vehicles that players can pilot. Players may also do stunts with their automobiles, such as standing on the roof and jumping to another car, or opening their parachute while still moving on the roof. Parasailing (grappling onto a car while using a parachute) and skydiving are two more game highlights. The island republic of San Esperito is the setting for Just Cause (inspired by the Caribbean).

Players may explore and pick how they want to play the game thanks to the open, non-linear setting. Although plot tasks are required to proceed through the game, they can be completed at any time. When not completing a plot task, players are free to explore the map and wreck havoc. However, doing so may attract unwelcome and perhaps lethal attention from “Heat” authorities. The more authorities there are, the more authorities there are, and it becomes progressively difficult.

In addition, the player can take part in a range of optional side objectives, such as freeing a community or taking over a drug cartel plantation or home. These are often extremely repetitious, yet they are required for some factions to get points.

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