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Disney’s 1998 animated film, Mulan, tells the story of a young woman living in ancient China who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the army. Mulan is a beloved and iconic character, celebrated for her courage, strength, and dedication to her family and country.

The Story of Mulan

The story of Mulan is based on a Chinese legend, which dates back to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 AD). The legend has been retold in various forms over the centuries, and Disney’s Mulan is a loose adaptation of the story.

The film begins with Mulan’s family receiving a notice from the emperor that one man from every family must serve in the imperial army to fight against the invading Huns. Mulan’s father, being the only male in the family, is required to serve despite his old age and poor health.

Mulan, seeing the toll that war would take on her father, decides to take his place in the army by disguising herself as a man and calling herself “Ping”. Although Mulan struggles with the rigorous training in the army, she gains the respect of her fellow soldiers, including her captain, Li Shang.

The army eventually faces off against the Huns, led by the vicious Shan Yu. Mulan, with her quick thinking and bravery, helps the army defeat the Huns and save China. After the war, Mulan returns home and receives recognition for her bravery.

Mulan’s Character

Mulan is a character who embodies strength, courage, and selflessness. She is willing to risk her life to protect her family and country, and she never gives up despite the challenges she faces. Mulan is also a complex character who struggles with her identity and her place in society, as she doesn’t quite fit into traditional gender roles.


Mulan’s journey also involves personal growth, as she learns the importance of being true to herself and her values. She gains the confidence to embrace her femininity and reject the societal expectations placed upon her.

Mulan’s Impact

Mulan has had a significant impact on popular culture, especially in terms of representation and diversity. Mulan was one of the few mainstream animated films to feature an Asian lead, which was a groundbreaking move in 1998.

Mulan’s character has also been celebrated for challenging and subverting traditional gender roles. Mulan defies the expectations placed upon her as a woman, demonstrating that strength and bravery are not exclusive to men.

Mulan has become a feminist icon, inspiring and empowering girls and women all over the world. Mulan’s story also highlights the importance of family and loyalty, as Mulan risks everything to protect her loved ones and her country.

Mulan’s Remake

In 2020, Disney released a live-action adaptation of Mulan, directed by Niki Caro and starring Liu Yifei as Mulan. The remake received mixed reviews, with some praising its visuals and action, while others criticized it for its lack of character development and deviation from the original story.

The live-action Mulan also faced controversy, as it was filmed in the Xinjiang region of China, where the Chinese government has been accused of human rights violations against Uighur Muslims. Liu Yifei’s comments in support of the Hong Kong police also sparked backlash and calls for a boycott of the film.


Mulan is a beloved and iconic character, celebrated for her strength, courage, and bravery. Mulan’s story highlights the importance of family, loyalty, and self-discovery. Mulan has become a feminist icon and a symbol of diversity and representation. Although the live-action adaptation may have fallen short of expectations, Mulan’s impact as a character and a cultural phenomenon will continue to inspire and empower audiences for generations to come.

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