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Frontier Developments created and released Jurassic World Evolution, a building and management simulation video game. The game was launched in June 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is based on the 2015 film Jurassic World. In November 2020, a Nintendo Switch version of the game was published. Players build a dinosaur park in the Las Cinco Muertes Archipelago, a set of five islands known as the “Five Deaths” in the game. More than 40 different dinosaurs may be found in the game, and their DNA can be changed to provide new characteristics. Three sections, Science, Security, and Entertainment, assign contracts to players in order for them to advance. It is possible to unlock a sandbox mode set on Isla Nublar, the film’s setting. It may also be utilized without needing to unlock it from the main menu.

A development team of over 100 individuals worked on the game, which had an estimated budget of around £8 million. Its development began in 2016, when NBCUniversal approached Frontier Developments about developing a game to coincide with the premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theaters. Frontier team examined various dinosaur models and reference materials given by Universal, as well as watching Jurassic Park films, reading novels, and researching fan ideas. When designing the dinosaurs, the crew consulted paleontologist Jack Horner. Jeff Goldblum, Bryce Dallas Howard, and BD Wong reprised their roles from the Jurassic Park film series in the game, making comments to players and adding to the story.

The game was announced at Gamescom 2017 and garnered a mixed response from critics. The game’s dinosaur designs and visuals were acclaimed by critics, but the contracts, simulation, and management gameplay were not. The tutorial and learning curve for the game were also panned. The game has sold two million copies through digital and traditional sales seven months after its initial release, making it Frontier’s most successful game. When the game was first released, it came with free upgrades and downloadable content. The game had sold three million copies as of March 2020. Jurassic World Evolution 2, the sequel, is set to hit theaters on November 9, 2021.


Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation game in which the player must build a dinosaur theme park with attractions and research facilities based on the Jurassic World franchise. Players must construct an Expedition Center, which dispatches paleontologists to fossil dig sites in search of dinosaur DNA.

DNA sequencing, which is available at the Fossil Center, allows for the discovery of new dinosaurs and the updating of data such as longevity and resistance. Players may utilize the Hammond Creation Lab to breed and nurture dinosaurs if they have enough DNA. Players may also enhance the genes of dinosaurs by combining DNA from contemporary species with dinosaur DNA to fill in gaps and allow them to develop. The dinosaurs’ fundamental statistics, as well as everything from their level of aggression to their looks, are affected by changes to their DNA. Players may alter the landscape by planting trees and building water sources using the terrain tool in the game.

Dinosaurs are the game’s major draw and source of revenue, although money may also be gained by selling things in businesses and hosting hotel visitors. At the start of the game, there are about 40 dinosaur species to choose from. After the dinosaurs have been nurtured, the players can name them. Players must construct cages to house dinosaurs for guests to see. To keep dinosaurs healthy and content, their demands, such as the sort of food they eat and the amount of social engagement they require, must be addressed. Artificial intelligence-controlled dinosaurs will interact with each other, the surroundings, and guests if they have escaped their area.

Carnivores, for example, will pursue herbivores and fight other carnivores of the same species. To gratify the tourists, players must also create numerous entertainment rides as well as facilities like as restaurants and stores. The Gyrosphere or the Jurassic World monorail are two examples of tourist attractions. Players may also capture images of dinosaurs in the game’s photo mode, which helps the park make money and get fame. Each amenity and entertainment facility has its own management system. Players may establish and alter admittance costs as well as the amount of employees at each site. Dinosaurs can be sold to make extra money.

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