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Mario Tennis Aces is a tennis game for the Nintendo Switch developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. It was published globally on June 22, 2018, as part of the Mario Tennis series. By the end of 2019, the game has sold over 3 million copies, making it one of the most popular Switch titles.

Mario Tennis Aces is a tennis game in which you compete against various Super Mario characters in tennis matches. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, YoshiDonkey Kong, Bowser, Toad, Toadette, Chain Chomp, Bowser Jr., Boo, and Spike are among the characters available. New characters are added to the roster by participating in monthly tournaments, or by waiting a month if the player does not participate. Koopa Troopa in July 2018, Blooper in August 2018, Diddy Kong in September 2018, Birdo in October 2018, Koopa Paratroopa in November 2018, Petey Piranha and Shy Guy in December 2018, Luma in January 2019, Boom Boom in February 2019, Pauline in March 2019, Kamek in April 2019, Dry Bones in May 2019, Fire Piranha Plant in June 2019, and Dry Bowser in July 2019 were among the new characters added to the game. Aces contains several methods, such as “topspins,” where the ball goes parallel to the direction struck, “slices,” where the ball curves to one side when hit, and “lobs,” where the ball travels upwards, similar to earlier episodes of the series.


Aces introduces a number of new mechanics to the Mario Tennis franchise. The user may begin a “zone shot” using the Joy-motion Con’s controls, in which the player can target directly where the ball will go while the game is paused. The opponent’s racket will be damaged if they reply the zone shot. When a racket is hit three times with a zone shot, it breaks, causing the player to concede the match if it is their final one. Each match allows players to utilize numerous rackets. A “block,” which may be achieved by striking the ball with exact time, can be used to counter a zone shot without sustaining damage. “Zone speed” is another new feature in Aces. When a player uses zone speed, the game slows down, but their character travels at regular speed, making it simpler to reach afar shots. The zone shot and zone speed maneuvers take a portion of the players’ energy, which is replenished and reduced throughout the game. The player must either keep a rally going with the opponent or utilize the trick shot ability to replenish the gauge.

The trick shot skill allows the player to move swiftly to the ball’s landing spot. If the trick shot is successful, the player’s energy gauge will skyrocket. It is, however, simple to misinterpret the timing, making this a dangerous decision. The special shot is another power accessible to players at the cost of their energy gauge. The player must have a full energy gauge to activate it. The ability summons a tremendous shot that can break the opponent’s racket regardless of its present state of damage. However, the special shot, like the zone shot, can be stopped. Aces also contains a “basic rules” option that allows just simple shots and disables zone shots, zone speed, trick shots, special shots, and the energy bar.

There is also an online multiplayer option in which tournaments and single matches may be organized. Participating in Nintendo’s unique online Tournaments allows players to gain new clothes and characters. Swing mode is another gameplay option, in which players swing the Joy-Con controllers to imitate striking the ball with a tennis racket, similar to Wii Sports and Mario Power Tennis’s New Play Control! edition. A narrative mode, similar to Mario Tennis: Power Tour, is included in the game in addition to ordinary tennis matches.

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